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Saturday, October 11, 2014


Dearly Beloved, BE A LIVING SACRIFICE “So then, my brothers, because of God's great mercy to us I appeal to you: Offer yourselves as a living sacrifice to God, dedicated to his service and pleasing to him. This is the true worship that you should offer” (Romans 12:1 TEV). Some days ago, Muslims throughout the world celebrated the Eld el Kabir celebration that commemorated the divine provision of ram for Ibrahim when he wanted to sacrifice his son to God. In spite of the distortion of the original story from the Holy Bible, the way these people devotedly sacrifice animals, especially rams, during this annual celebration is noteworthy. Unfortunately, they are missing it because Jesus Christ is the final Sacrifice for humankind’s sin (see 1 Corinthians 5:7). No other sacrifice or shedding of blood is acceptable to God now, “...because by one sacrifice [Jesus Christ] has made perfect forever those who are being made holy” (Hebrews 10:14 NIV. See also verse 10). Instead of making animal sacrifice or shedding of blood in any form to appease God, we are to offer ourselves as a living, NOT dead or inanimate, sacrifice to God (Romans 12:1). Apostle Paul continued to say that this is the true and holy worship that is pleasing and acceptable to God. The implication of this is that we are to deny ourselves of sinful pleasures and purposes, and use our lives for the glory of God. This calls for total surrender to God. It is a dedication of presenting and yielding of body, mind, and will to God day by day. It is to devote ourselves to God, as if we had no longer any claim on ourselves. It is to suffer and bear all that God might appoint, and to promote His honour in any way which He might command. It should be noted here that this is far more than giving or offering of animals or substances to God. It is even far more than working for God. It is willingly and consciously giving of one’s total self to God before giving of any other thing. The Macedonian churches demonstrated this when “...they gave themselves first to the Lord and then to us in keeping with God's will” (2 Corinthians 8:5 NIV). Are you ready to present yourself as a living sacrifice to God? No amount of any other offering or sacrifice is acceptable to Him. He wants you to first totally surrender your life to Him before He can accept your possession, service or any other form of worship you can render to Him. Be a living sacrifice to God! In His service, Bayo Afolaranmi (Pastor). Prayer Point: Pray that you will be able to offer yourself as a living sacrifice to God.

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