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About The Ministry

“The Word through the Internet” (popularly known as “Spiritual Digest”) is an online ministry. Its goal is to


It is a ministry whereby devotional messages are sent to people by email. The first message was sent to about 50 people on February 18, 2003. Since then, the number of people that receive the messages every week has grown into thousands. Presently, these messages are sent in English and Esperanto languages once in a week mainly through web group services like Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Google, Facebook and others that offer free email group service on the Web. Apart from personal groups created in these services for sending the weekly messages to people, I belong to over four hundred other groups where I do send the messages to members of the groups. My main Yahoo groups in English are Spiritual Digest Group and TheWordThrutheNet Group, and that of Esperanto is SprirtaNutrajxo Esperanto Group. Also these weekly messages are sent to many Internet forums and weblogs. My main weblog is TheWordThrutheNet.

Another aspect of the ministry is sending daily quotes from the Bible and other respected Christians and, at times, prayer wishes through Yahoo Messenger online/offline instant message to people in my Yahoo Messenger list. This has made the ministry to be a blessing to over seven hundred people in the list. You can join my list by inviting me to you Yahoo Messenger list. The Yahoo ID I use for this is “spiritualdigest”.

The above aspect has led to the creation of another Yahoo group where such inspiring quotes/prayer wishes are sent to people everyday by email. The group is Spiritual Digest Daily Group. There is also a WEBLOG created for the daily quotes.

Furthermore, another aspect of the ministry is sending of periodic inspiring quotes/prayer wishes to people by SMS. There is a WEBLOG created for the collections of all these text messages (SMS) I have been sending to people. You can be part of this by sending your mobile phone number (including country code) to me.

My determination to use the Internet to minister to people throughout the world also makes me to be identifying with people in my online ministry by rejoicing with them praying for them and sending them prayer wishes through email/e-card and SMS. I tag this aspect of the ministry “Special Days Ministry.” You also can be part of this aspect. Just let me know your special days—birthday, wedding anniversary, the day you become born again, and other eventful days in your life that you will like me to remember you. Send your full names, email address and mobile phone numbers (include country code if not Nigeria) to me at

Another aspect of the ministry is posting of at least a verse from the Holy Bible every day in a WEBLOG created for that purpose. This Bible verses are almost in correspondence to the daily quotes. Visit this Facebook page and click on the "Like" icon at its top so that you will be seeing these quotes and Bible verses every day on your Facebook homepage.

The newest aspect of the ministry is sending of periodic prayer wishes and inspiring quotes to people that are in my BlackBerry network. If you are in the BlackBerry network, and you are not one of my BlackBerry contacts, you can invite me to be one, or send your BBPIN to me to invite you. Here is my BBPIN:27C6552C. You will be blessed that you did!

Most of these aspects are now being done through Join me at my Facebook to be part of the ministry there.

Reactions of people to my messages have made me become a prayer partner and counselor to many people as they share their challenges with me. These have made me active online everyday as I respond to people’s reactions, prayer requests and challenges by email, offline/online messages and SMS. At times, I engage in telephone conversations to do these.