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Saturday, May 15, 2010


Dearly Beloved,
“At least there is hope for a tree: If it is cut down, it will sprout again, and its new shoots will not fail. Its roots may grow old in the ground and its stump die in the soil, yet at the scent of water it will bud and put forth shoots like a plant” (Job 14:7-9 NIV).
The Yorubas have many thought-provoking adages. One of such sayings came to my mind recently. Here is it: “Ti eni ti o be igi ni o ju, igi yo ruwe.” [Literally, shame on the one who cut down a tree because the tree will soon sprout again.] The above Bible reference corroborates the Yoruba adage. This adage came to my mind as I was counseling somebody recently. However, it dawned on me that the proverbial tree will have to undergo a certain period. This transitional period is generally not a pleasant one as the tree will be trying to adjust to its present situation. However, in a matter of time, it will regain its full strength and beauty and even bear fruits.
Many people also have been “cut down” by other people in one way or the other. It may be through deceit, fraud, cheating, robbery, sack in the place of work, denial of right, and the likes. Undoubtedly, the person that is “cut down” will undergo some kind of emotional trauma. He may blame the person that “cut him down.” He may blame himself for his ordeal. He may even blame God for allowing the misfortune. Such person may allow the ordeal to blindfold him from seeing other ways of moving forward in life. However, such person will indeed bounce back in a matter of time. At the scent of water he will bud and put forth shoots like a plant and bear fruits again.
Has your “tree been cut down”? What trauma are you passing through now? How are you reacting to the ordeal? Are you blaming yourself or the person that “cut the tree down”? Are you even blaming God? Do not blame anyone! Focus on God. Rely on Him. Open your eyes for other prospects. Your “tree will soon sprout” again and bear fruits! You will soon bounce back. Apostle Paul told the Corinthians, “For this reason we never become discouraged. Even though our physical being is gradually decaying, yet our spiritual being is renewed day after day. And this small and temporary trouble we suffer will bring us a tremendous and eternal glory, much greater than the trouble. For we fix our attention, not on things that are seen, but on things that are unseen. What can be seen lasts only for a time, but what cannot be seen lasts forever” (2 Corinthians 4:16-18 TEV). You will indeed soon bounce back!
In His service,
Bayo Afolaranmi (Pastor).

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